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Archery In Mississippi Schools
• What's it About
The Archery in Mississippi Schools Program, better known as “AIMS” is a program designed to introduce 4th-12th graders to the great sport of archery during their Physical Education class . To date, over 217 schools representing 45 counties statewide have adopted the program. Nationwide, over 3 million students have safely participated in the program. Find out how your school can get involved today!!
• Why Join the Program? 
Archery is a sport nearly everyone can be successful at regardless of age, size or physical ability. Statistics show that school archery programs engage more students in the educational process, improve classroom performance and reduce drop out rates.
• AIMS Testimonials
Learn how AIMS has impacted the lives of students, teachers and parents.

Is Archery A Safe Sport? ...Yes! 
The AIMS program is safer than any ball sport in our schools. Mississippi has over 20,000 students per year shooting in archery class and has a “0” injury rate. Archery is a fun and safe sport and we will keep it that way by having one of the top training programs in the world. Our BAI instructors have been trained by BAITs and Specialist, that have not only been trained, but these trainers have all coached archery teams, PE programs and been active in all facets of the AIMS program. Click on the PDF above to get the stats nationwide.

How To Get Started
• 2012 Basic Archery Instructor Class Schedule
Check to see what classes are available for your area.
• Get Trained 
Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) courses are FREE for P.E. teachers, Coaches, and Teachers!!
• Get The Equipment
This state of the art equipment will fit every student.
• Get The Curriculum

Archery curriculum will provide students with the skills necessary to participate in and enjoy the lifelong sport of archery.

Jackson Archery Center
Visit our new archery center located in the Jackson area. This new attraction in the Lakeland Drive area, is a well maintained 7200 + indoor shooting facility dedicated to the National Archery in Schools Program style of shooting. The shooting range is a spacious 26 target range that will easily accommodate 52 shooters per hour while shooting a tournament format. The range is a landmark in safety being equipped with BCY safety throughout the entire length of the range. Painted safety lines- (waiting, shooting, and target).

The facility also boast a climate controlled classroom fully equipped with the latest training gear for basic, intermediate, and advanced level archery training. This classroom will ensure our programs safety record by allowing our training classes to be one of the nation's top. From specialist, to basic archery instructor trainers, to basic archery instructors, Mississippi has all.

The one of a kind 40 target 3-d course is located on the Archery Center grounds and will enable school busses to load, unload, and be parked behind secured gates during the entire school outing. A 14 target NFAA field archery range also located on the Archery Center grounds will serve to keep our student archers busy during the summer months when school is out and as a bridge program for graduating student archers to hone their skills to an even finer degree.

Schedule your school for a field trip to utilize this worderful facility. The 90 minute tour will allow schools that have not implemented the AIMS program to expose their students to this wonderful outdoor sport.

Beyond AIMS
AIMS is structured for 4th thru 12th graders in our great state, so what will you do after the AIMS competitive season is over and school is out, or even worse if you are graduating school this year. Listed below are links that will enable you to continue your archery career as a "back yard recreation" or up to a professional shooter or even to the Olympics. The sky is the limit!!! Mississippi offers the greatest bow hunting, bow fishing, shot gunning, turkey hunting, and many other outdoor activities that are not only fun, but will keep you physically active while enjoying our Mississippi outdoors.

If you really want to take archery to another level, think about volunteering for archery work with our AIMS program. Schools need instructors and a lot of schools are glad to use para-professionals for the archery program. Or better yet, make contact with one of our District Coordinators and be a volunteer for Coordinator/ school project. Remember what archery has done for your life and realize what you can do to repay the sport that is "Changing lives, one arrow at a time."

• ASA - Archery Shooters Association
• NFAA - National Field Archery Association
• IBO - International Bowhunting Organization
• Bow Hunting in Mississippi

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Media and Events
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Fundraising Ideas
• Morrell Gourmet Chocolates
• Mathews Bow Fundraiser
• Holiday CD Fundraiser

• Thank you to our many sponsors! If you would like to Adopt-A-School please contact Waldo Cleland, AIMS State Coordinator at
(601) 674-0777 or

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